The lists

I really don’t know how parents are able to get any of the non-essential things accomplished from their list of things.  When I say this I’m refering to those list of things that you want to get done but never seem to get to like oh say blogging.  I have gone years since I have had the gumption to sit down and write.  It’s not because I didn’t have things to say or want to say it’s more because blogging never boiled to the top of my list of active activites.

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I’m a busy bee…

I find it interesting how our understanding of the most basic of concepts changes over the course of our life.  One that I have continued to reflect upon is one I often use to compare myself to others.  Mostly because I am jealous of their seemingly open schedules with plenty of time to spend on whatever they like.  The list of things I would like to do on a regular basis is already so packed I seldom get to the things at the bottom of the list before I have to jump back up to the top to begin processing the day to day needs again.

During High School my best friend and I often used to look at our peers and scoff as we always wondered how everyone else seemed to have so much time to screw around.  We were working at CompUSA at the time as technicians, we never seemed to have all the freetime we wanted to just screw around as many of our peers did.  Though this may be why we ended up getting a full ride scholarship to ASU.  If anything we discovered the varying degrees of how “Busy” can be interrpreted.

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Re Activated.

As I am 30 tomorrow and I recently discovered I share my birthday with Alan Turing, I figured I should reactivate my WordPress blog and get back into writing.  It did help that Matt Mullenweg recently spoke at Go Daddy’s Tech Fest.  Matt is a heck of a speaker and has a great vision for WordPress.  If you are looking for info check out it’s Matt’s homepage.

The Day draws Neigh

Nesting projects, Check.

Crocheting Nikki, Check.
New 360 that helps you learn guitar, Bonus Check.
Missing Fat white cat as of 12/1, Wish I could unCheck.
We are down to 2 weeks 2 days until due date, the last big GoDaddy Christmas Party is this weekend. There is a chance I’ll be moving into a new role at work, I have completed my first 20 mile run on 12/3/2011. Nikki is on Yoga day 338? now.  So much stuff going on and yet it just seems like standard regular stuff, even though it is all totally amazing.  But it’s all regular day stuff until our new baby comes.

New Beginnings, Again

It seems like every event in life feels like a whole new set of beginnings.  I remember my first kiss, love, blog, computer, car, dog, religion, brush with death and every other mind altering brush with existence that occurs.  It’s on this First Anniversary of my marriage to the love of my life and the verge of becoming a Father that I stand on the brink of a very real very large new beginning.  Since Nikki and I have come together both of our lives have been jam packed with change and newness.  Everyday is something truly great.  We find new powerful meanings about this life that force you to change the way you think and live.

I suppose the purpose of this blog serves the same purpose of all of my writings, to help me complete that feedback loop to solidify the findings I have uncovered in this life and to process their meaning.  Though there is now an additional benefit of having something that we can pass along to our children.  It’s such an odd thing to say that I am preparing my legacy so that our progeny will know the humanity of their father and mother.  To know that they had human struggles and how we dealt with them, with the hope that they might glean some bit of knowledge that will make their lives just a little more fun/complete/easy, and to see the world a bit more from our perspective.

With that, I bid my thoughts welcome and speed.  I look forward to many more posts and hopefully aggregating many other, older posts from many years before to be accumulated here and saved for many moons to come.

Decisions, decisions….

Making a decision is often one of the most difficult things we face in our day. It is all too easy to allow those we trust to make decisions for us and just flow through life being guided by others. Life takes on whole new layers of depth when we break away from the decisions others have made for us and begin making them all our own. As part of growing up we fight tooth and nail for the right to be able to live life the way we choose dealing with the decisions we make.
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2008 in Review

As 2008 draws to a close I am forced to review what I have experienced in the last year. The year began with a Renaissance for me. I noted a dramatic scaling back in work hours and began to accept a new lifestyle which has allowed me to branch out and grow in multiple aspects of my life. I tried a variety of new hobbies and rediscovered a few long lost ones. All and all I’d have to say it has been the best year of my life so far.

In December of 2007 I visited a doctor for physical checkup. This was the first doctor visit in a long time mostly spurred by a constant case of sore throat. The checkup served as a very big reminder of my family’s heart problems and urged me to get back into shape. That same month I started Rock Climbing at AZR and Yoga shortly thereafter.

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You know when your doing great when…

I can’t tell you how fun today has been.  Today I finally went outdoors and did my first sport climb in Queen Creek. My sphincter has never puckered so tight as when I was setting the quickdraws for our first route of the day.  When you are 45 feet up, with a stiff breeze and 6 feet of slack between you and your last clip, you begin to appreciate how great just being on the ground or doing a simple bouldering route can be.  Though when you get to the top there are few things in life as fulfilling.  Graduating High School, College, getting my development job all pale in comparison.  I mean I’m sure the fear had something to do with it being very fulfilling or maybe the one year build up of climbing to get to this point, though it’s not like any of the other goals in my life have been minor.

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Thanks Giving

We are now entering one of my least favorite times of the year.  It gets rung in with the day after Thanksgiving.  I actually enjoy Thanksgiving and find it a very worthwhile holiday, it just sucks that it is completely vaporized by Black Friday the biggest day for retail sales of the year. Nothing like kicking off what is supposed to be a very selfless time of the year with a massive consumer push. One day you reflect on how thankful you are to have all the things you do, you celebrate it with a big fat meal with family and friends then you run out the next day to spend money on those people you were just thankful for so you can give them gifts on Christmas.

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